Madison College Visual Communications – Media Design

Juliana Clausen Adjunct Instructor
email Juliana • 608.616.3384

About Juliana

I have been interested in Art and Photography as long as I can remember. After varied work like including small business management, I started a new career with a degree in Visual Communications. I worked in the corporate wold for fifteen years doing everything from presentations to design for print, clinical and portrait photography, video and audio production and script writing. I then began my freelance business as a refugee from corporate-think. I now primarily design fo print: producing books, newsletters, magazines, annual reports, trade show displays and more.
Thirteen years aga I began teaching part-time at Madison College in the program I’d graduated from two decades previously. I enjoy teaching and utilizing all of my skills and talents in working with students. I am always learning from them as well as teaching them.

Classes taught by Juliana

  • Presentation Design
  • Communication Design
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Interface Design