Madison College Visual Communications – Media Design


Questions from Potential Students:

What sort of job opportunities are there for graduates of the program?
Graduates of the program are employed in a variety of production areas, including business, industry, government, schools, health care, TV stations and independent production companies.

What sort of computer equipment will I need?
We are a mac based program, however a number of our students are pc users. The classrooms and open labs are available for your use. The purchase of a computer is not required to be in the program.

How long will it take to complete the degree?
The program is setup for students to complete the course work in two years. We offer one section of every required course every semester.

Can I take classes part-time?
The program is set up sequential courses. If you choose to go on a part-time basis, be sure to check with your advisor before registering for courses to make sure that we stay in the proper sequence.

How do I know if the Visual Communications program is a good fit for me?
We would be glad to talk with you and discuss your career goals and interests (and give you a tour). You may also want to take our on-line Career Cluster Interest Survey.

I didn't take art in high school. Can I still enroll in the visual communications program?
Yes you can. If you have an interest in computers, work well at multitasking, are a good problem solver and like the challenge of new technologies – then this program is for you.

I have a full-time job - can I fit classes into my schedule?
At this point, the program cannot accommodate someone working full-time during regular business hours.

Will my credits from another school count toward the degree?
The Student Deveopment Center will be able to help you with questions regarding transfer credit. For more information to to:

I've been making videos and websites since I was ten. Will classes be a waste of time?
We strive to take your skills up to a professional level. Project can be customized to challenge those students that enter the program with existing skills.

How do I become a visual communications student?
What happens after I get into the program?
Once your application, transcripts and test scores have been received and approved, you will receive a letter from the college. Information on your student orientation and class registration will be supplied at that time. For more information go to:

What do I need to do to graduate?
You need to complete all of the required courses for the program. Refer to the course curriculum sheet. You will also need to maintain a “C” or better in all of your program courses. In your final semester you will participate in the Applied Arts Portfolio Show.

Is an internship required?
We encourage our students to participate in an internship experience. At this point, it is a 1-credit elective for the program.

Will Madison College help me get a job?
The college offers many resources for you in job preparedness, portfolio preparation and the Tech Connect Job site.