Madison College Visual Communications – Media Design

Emmalee Pearson Full TIme Instructor
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I am a proud alumna of the Visual Communications program. As an angsty teen, I had aspirations to work in the video game industry. About a month after graduation, the guitarist I was in a band with asked if I would be interested in running an upcoming Photoshop class. He taught web design as his day job, and convinced me that it wasn’t so different from performing on stage. To make a long story shorter – I accepted, instantly fell in love with teaching, and continued to do so until that company went under a month later. We were bought out, and the range of what I taught grew to include not only design software, but business applications as well. One can only teach Excel for so long, and I was giddy to join C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions aster a few years of being a corporate trainer. There, I served as Director of Operations – running their Madison office, interviewing and placing freelance graphic designers. I also continued to teach, thought I got to develop my own curriculum, and was often hired out as talent myself.As an employer, I saw dozen of resumes and portfolios a day, and was always impressed by the quality coming from the technical colleges. This was especially true for Madison Area Technical College, so when a position opened up in the Visual Communications program I applied and fought hard for it. I adore my students, program and school. Go ViComm!

Classes taught by Emmalee

  • Advanced Media
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Compositing and Special Effects
  • Internship Coordination