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Doug Dillman Full Time Instructor
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About Doug

In 1975 I enrolled in the Visual Communications program at Madison Area Technical College. As a frizzy-haired teenager with the nick-name Arlo (a nickname I still go by), my passion had always been fine-art and cartooning, even as I worked alongside my mechanic parents in their gas station. Wanting to grow as an artist, the new Visual Communications program was the perfect opportunity to combine my fine-art talent with the up-and-coming mediums of the time: video, slides, photography, and general audiovisual productions. By the time I graduated, the program not only provided me with technical skills, it provided me with a critical skill-set I still lean on today, and try to teach all of my students,: adaptation to rapidly changing media and technology landscapes.

Soon after graduation, I started working in the audiovisual department of Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, now one of our state’s largest non-governmental single employer and health care organization. Utilizing what I learned at Madison Area Technical College, I quickly evolved in my position and was offered the position of supervisor of the Creative Services Department: the organization’s premier in-house, full-service media department. The department served administrative, medical, marketing, public relations and educational needs as the growth of the organization exploded with newly acquired medical centers, physician offices and affiliates. The department grew to include a staff of excellent graphic designers, photographers, exhibit/display designers, forms designers, and video producers. Along with supervising the department, I oversaw Aurora’s entire corporate identity. It was also during my time as Creative Services Supervisor, I launched Aurora the World Wide Web.

During my time at Aurora, I became involved in teaching at Milwaukee Area Technical College and Marquette University’s Continuing Education Programs.  I was part of Marquette’s new Webmaster Certificate program, developing and teaching courses in web content strategies, interface design, HTML page development and the Internet.  Eventually, I decided to transition out of Aurora and take on a new challenge: I accepted a full-time faculty position with Milwaukee Area Technical College in their Visual Communications program.

While still teaching, I created a start-up venture: an education company that providing on-site technology training for busy professionals. One 2 One Custom Instruction evaluated what the customer wanted to learn, assessed their current skill sets, and then fashioned a modular learning plan. Clients included CEO’s, high-level executives, and health professionals. In addition to learning to use everything from office software to email, Marquette’s Continuing Education gave the client educational credits making this an attractive approach to learning.

By the end of the 1990’s my passion for technology and multimedia had me working 3-4 jobs, all while I finished an Adult and Technical Education Bachelors Degree from University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Then my journey went full circle: I became an instructor at Madison College’s Visual Communications program, accepting a teaching position that was vacated by my original mentor. It was truly an honor to assume his role.  Working with other “like minded” faculty, many of whom still teach with me, we transformed Madison College’s Visual Communications department into a forward-thinking multimedia program with a successful job-placement track record.

But this isn’t the whole story.

Growing up in a gas station I always had a passion for automobiles—daydreaming of a day I would have my own hotrod and doodling like my idol: Ed Roth. Never really growing up, I still draw realistic and cartoon drawings of cars for a vast array of customers. These entertaining drawings are hung in prestigious locations such as hot rod garages, living rooms, and even an occasional bathroom.

The eternal multi-tasker, I launched Wisconsin HotRod Radio with my partner, Captn’ Bob in 2007. With listeners from around the world, the show highlights our many hotrod travels, while we interview a variety of car enthusiasts, including national celebrities like TV’s Jay Leno, Adam West (Batman) and reality characters like Danny from the popular History Channel’s Counting Cars.  Using my adaptive skills of webpage design, graphic design, sound engineering, and even a sculpture art, Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio has become a popular radio show with a highly-utilized website and traveling exhibit.

Classes taught by Doug

  • Production, Planning & Control
  • Video Production
  • Digital Storytelling
    (Video Production & Social Media Certificates)
  • Intro to 3D
  • Sound Production
  • Intro to Computer Graphics
  • Digital Video Editing