Madison College Visual Communications – Media Design

Bob Wickhem Adjunct Instructor
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About Bob

I am a “serial entrepreneur” and experienced video producer with over 30 years of experience working virtually every aspect of the communications field. I found that the communications media, especially video, offered me a fabulous outlet for my curiosity and adventurous side.
I’ve had the good fortune to create and operate several different video communications companies that served local, regional and national audiences. I’ve learned to focus on the viewer experience and have worked to refine techniques that lead to both artistic and practical communication success. I began teaching classed at Madison College in 2009 and really enjoy helping the students develop their visual communications skills … oh and also have tons of fun doing it!

Classes taught by Bob

  • Production, Planning & Control
  • Digital Media for Photographers
    (Photography Program)
  • Introduction Video/Audio for Web Integration
    (Video Production Certificate)
  • Studio Lighting/Video Techniques
    (Video Production Certificate)
  • Location Lighting/Video Techniques
    (Video Production Certificate)